Co & Extra Curricular

At SMCS, we believe in providing opportunities for students to explore, learn and taste different aspects of education other than academics. To this end, we provide the following for students who exhibits talent and interest.


Music is an area where our students flourish. The unique music programme that encompasses all students, on occasions, and over 40% through individual tuition, facilitated and supported by SMCS, assists students to develop memory, including spatial memory. This encourages mathematical ability. Some students have been given the opportunity to play in performances with Canberra based bands. There are opportunities to join the Cooma youth choir or to be a part of the choral workshops.

Public Speaking

SMCS encourages speaking, debating and advocacy as part of an ongoing leadership programme. We offer an extensive programme of public speaking, debating and advocacy, which begins in kindergarten and continues throughout the school. SMCS students have enjoyed the school’s Public Speaking competition and have been successful in the Junior Crime Prevention debates, the Commonwealth Public Speaking Competition and the Vin Good Advocacy Competitions. These are not stand alone competitions but are part of the overall desire for our students to become the leaders, as adults, that our world needs. For this reason, many students have taken part in the Ford Debating Competition, to learn to debate, and to acquire new skills.


Our students can follow a defined pathway to sporting excellence. We have students who have reached representative, State and Australian standard, in a variety of sports: for example, athletics, swimming, skiing and rugby. One of our students, Kirralee England received the Pierre de Coubertin award in 2010, not only for her desire to excel in sport but also for her exemplary attitude to each sport and each fellow participant.