At Snowy Mountains Christian School our motto ‘In Christ We Strive for Excellence’ is expressed in our curriculum content and delivery.

Our teachers are committed Christians who seek to bring out the best in their students by creating a loving environment in which to deliver  a holistic curriculum that considers each student’s unique spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.

The curriculum reveals and acknowledges God as the creator, sustainer and inspirator of all in this world. The study of Mathematics, English, Human Society and Its Environment, Science and Technology, Physical Development, Health and Physical Education occurs with this perspective openly discussed and considered.

In Mathematics we deliver an advanced number program so students have a solid foundation on which to lay more abstract concepts as they progress through the grades.  The Kindergarten to Year 2 students use a program called Rod and Staff while in Years 3-6 this is used to further students education after the compulsory curriculum has been delivered.

In English we use the Spalding Method, all teachers are trained in this method (see http://www.spaldingaustralia.com.au/ for further information) to teach students how to read, write and spell.  This method wholly integrates explicit, sequential, systematic and multisensory teaching in:

  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Comprehension

We also have extra curriculum activities for students in public speaking through the whole school public speaking competition, drama through performances, individual music tuition in guitar, piano and band instruments, sport teams in the local soccer and netball competitions and an after school sports activity program, leadership and service for older students through the school service council.