Stage 5

The progression by students to Year 9 marks another significant step in the pathway of learning heading toward the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and the Higher School Certificate.

The Stage 4 courses have provided grounding in many of the principles of successful learning practices. Just how solid the foundation has been depends a lot on the diligence of the student and his or her attitude to the discipline of study.

By now students will have some ideas about their strengths and weaknesses.  Poor performance in one or more areas does not make a person a failure.  In the context of a Christian school we attribute individual ability to God’s gifting.  As these diverse gifts are exercised they grow and develop and so does the strength of the School community.  One of the exciting features of Year 9 is that students are able to choose some of their subjects within the elective structure of the curriculum.

As we seek to comply with the Board of Studies requirements for the RoSA we also cultivate opportunities for students to be Christians in action, not just in word and knowledge.  We seek to lead students from knowing in the ‘head’ sense to knowing in the ‘heart’ sense.

Length of courses

Each course has an amount of time which indicates how many hours a student must study that course to satisfy the requirements of that course as set down by the Board of Studies.  These time requirements are normally expressed in terms of hours and the following gives an indication of how many periods per week those hours translate to:

100 hours = 2 hours per week for 1 year, or 1 hour per week for 2 years     

400 hours = 2 hours per week for 4 years

The times given by the Board are indicative which means that they are an indication for how long the average student will take to achieve the objectives and outcomes for any given course.  At Snowy Mountains Christian School we do more than the bare minimum for each course as we feel that each course needs time to develop fully the content knowledge and skills as well as the attitudes and values necessary to understand fully and appreciate the different courses.

Eligibility for RoSA can be found Here.

Mandatory Subjects delivered at SMCS:

  • English
  • Mathematics (5.1, 5.2 and 5.3)
  • Science
  • Australian History
  • Australian Geography
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Christian Principles and Relations

Electives available at SMCS:

  • Drama
  • Geography
  • Graphics technology
  • History
  • Industrial technology (Timber)
  • Information and software technology (IST)
  • LOTE (Indonesian)
  • Music
  • Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS)
  • Visual Arts