Maggie Tugwell

SMCS was home to me for so many years, and still is whenever I get a chance to visit. I have so many precious memories: jam sessions in music, morning devotions and prayer, scrabble at lunch times, Indonesian days, end of year preparations for presentation night, year 10 graduation, and developing friendships with all year groups and teachers. The Christian influence in the school was overwhelmingly supportive and nurturing. Some of my favourite times were the sports carnivals, where the small school atmosphere really made everyone feel included and valuable. Throughout the progression from kindergarten to year 10, my teachers moved from being my mentors to some my closest friends and role models. Now a first year university student, I realise just how much my time at SMCS has shaped me. It gave me an incredibly strong Christian foundation on which to base my faith and the rest of my school and university interactions. I am so thankful for the school’s open ministry about Jesus, and the way each student is cared for and encouraged in their unique interests. I was so privileged to be able to spend so many years there.

Leonie Wainwright

Studying for a Master of Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University

When I think about my schooling at SMCS, what strongly stands out to me is the community. Starting out with only 16 kids, the school always had an extremely strong sense of community, even when it started to grow. I'm yet to experience such an immediate and inclusive sense of belonging, as that which existed at SMCS. In the early days we were always coming up with new (and unusual) things to do at school, and I remember having the feeling that we were really a part of the decision making processes (whether we were or not!). Something that particularly influenced me at SMCS was the way that the teachers treated us as individuals, and taught us as such. Even though the school was small at that stage and had few resources, i remember they always managed to find creative ways for us to develop or demonstrate our strengths. From my time at SMCS I cherish the friendships and people- and the singing of the school song, led enthusiastically by Mrs Bevin- "With Christ at my side, I'll do battle as I ride".
Thank you SMCS!

I have been living and working in Sydney for the last 8 years in various roles- primarily as a case worker for young parents. I have left this role to study my Master of Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University, and am working casually as a Community Support Worker.

Nick Tugwell SMCS student 2001-2010

Studying Engineering/Arts at ANU

My name's Nick and I was a student at SMCS from Kindergarten through to year 9. For me, what stood out most was the people but also the caring atmosphere of the school. Although the school staff went through a lot of changeover during my later years there, the attitude of overwhelming kindness towards the students never changed. That's what influenced me most while I was there; the fact that I could see men and women who cared for God and others and could show that through their work. Now that I'm at Uni, I'm inspired to show the same regard for people that my high school teachers showed me. I suppose that those were my most memorable moments of SMCS as well; the times where I could be friends with my teachers and be able to laugh with them. That and the time my maths teacher jumped onto his desk to show us what a parabola was by using his whiteboard marker as a projectile.

Thanks SMCS!

Maree Carlson SMCS student 1997-2000

Registered nurse working in Cooma

I attended SMCS at the beginning of the school’s formation, it was the best decision I could make. My years there were the best years of my schooling. The friendships I made with other students were long lasting and a firm foundation as I grew into a young woman. One of the main things I got from SMCS was the way teachers and staff always went the extra mile to assist me in my learning abilities and building my confidence. I have so many great memories, special events, school camps, lunch time soccer matches, snow fights with the teachers; however I think it was the daily ordinary things that stood out, the laughing, jokes and friendships. I feel blessed and proud to have been part of the foundation of SMCS. I left Cooma to attend Uni and after living in a few different places returned to Cooma. I am currently working as a nurse at the local Gaol and nursing home.

Maree Carlson