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SMCS is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by SMCS Ltd. 

Cooma Baptist Church set up the company SMCS Ltd, a not-for profit organisation which consists of Cooma Baptist Church members who have also chosen to become company members.

SMCS Board members, as per the Constitution of SMCS Ltd, may be drawn from the school company, or the wider Christian community.  The Board is especially desirous of sharing the vision for this ministry and to this end will always seek to have representation from other Christian churches in the region.

The Board of SMCS is accountable to Cooma Baptist Church for its governance of the school.

The accompanying organisational flow chart gives a diagrammatic representation of school governance and operational management responsibilities.

The Board has a number of standing and ad hoc Board Committees (these Committee members are Board-approved and the Committee is chaired by a Board member) that provide advice and answer directly to the Board. Otherwise, the operational management of the school comes under the direct responsibility of the Principal, who reports regularly to the Board.

Current SMCS Board Members:

Mr John Vanderhout  (Chair SMCS Board) 

Licensed Electrician/Manager Intact Electrical P/L 

Founding Chair SMCS Board 1995-1999   

Board member 2002, 2013-2018, 2019 - current 

“I have a great passion to see children experience God’s love and forgiveness in their lives and believe that Christian schooling has a tremendous opportunity to accomplish this outcome.” 

Dr Robert Wiles (Finance Committee

Doctor - Ochre Surgery Cooma         

Board member 2015 - current 


Mr Malcolm Anderson 

Technician - LiveLocates 

Board member 2019 - current 

"I love what SMCS has to offer the children in Education and how they grow and nurture the children's faith in God."



Mr Neil Poucher 

Crane Operator - Future Generation

Board member 2019 - current 

“As a parent of 2 children that have been in Christian education both in Sydney and at SMCS, it is a pleasure to see the students grow in their knowledge and love of Christ and be encouraged to spread the Word across the Monaro.” 

Mr Michael Torry

Snowy Monaro Regional Council 

Board member 2023 - Current

Dr. David Learoyd

Doctor - Ochre Surgery Cooma

Board member 2023 - Current

Organisational Chart

SMCS Organisational Flowchart 2021.pdf (1).jpg
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